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From the Groezinger Wine Company:

“This is a rare and limited piece of Napa’s raped and stripped heritage. Like the native Indians, ancient petite sirah vines are being ripped out and killed so the white man can plant his precious Cabernet Sauvignon. A mere half ton per acre is all this vineyard produces anymore. Many wineries would replant a low producing site like this without a second thought. It’s like saying,” Grandpa doesn’t work anymore, and sometimes we have to take care of him, so let’s just kill him.” What the hell is wrong with people? Nothing is wrong with Randy and Mike Dunn, good grandchildren and preservationists of Napa’s natural treasures including undeveloped land and historical vineyards. To actually have the chance to taste a wine from the Park Muscatine Vineyard is a small miracle in and upon itself. To have one from the 2003 vintage made by the Dunn’s is an act of God. This is what petite sirah is supposed to be. Big and bad, kick your ass for being mean to Grandpa wine. Gripping tannins, brick-shithouse-like structure, and a plethora of spicy, earthy black fruits stomps on your palate like a grand finale at Riverdance. This could age and develop for 20 years+. That’s a lot longer than young-vine Napa cab will survive. Only 198 cases were produced. With quality this high, supply this low, and names so big this wine will be gone soon.”


“In a valley filled with sell-out wineries, toothless giants, and acolytes of the “contemporary style” of “drinkable on release” reds, we love it when we find winemakers that say, well, “f___ that s___.” But what else would you expect from Mike Dunn, son of Randy Dunn, King of the “f___ that s___” style of winemaking for the past thirty years. From the ultra-historic Park-Muscatine vineyard, home of the magnificent Ridge reds of the seventies, comes this masculine, tannic, tart, and structured Petit-Sirah, leaving bruised gums and blue teeth in its wake. This is what serious old-school California winemaking is all about; rustic, inky, and hardcore, “flying in the face of the lush, tooty-frooty, rich, opulent, high pH, soft wines that are a dime-a-dozen” in this day and age of California wine-making. Hence the name “Retro”. Massive flavors of black fruits, intense tannins, and a bracing acidity characterize this behemoth of a wine, promising 20+ years of bottle age-ability, if you can resist the sadomasochistic thrill of consuming this in its youth. You’ll have a hard time rehabilitating your good name with us if you don’t pick up at least a few bottles this month. Don’t be afraid. This hurts real good, like a beautiful dominatrix beating you up. Mmm.”