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Mike Dunn’s winemaking style can be described as “retro” in that his aim is to allow the terroir to express itself in the bottle, he makes the wine as naturally as possible, and ages the wine in french oak barrels for an extended period of 30 months.

For the aging of the Petite Sirah, Mike selected French oak barrels from four prestigious coopers: Tonnellerie Garonnaise, Tonnellerie Damy, Tonnellerie Billon and Richelieu. Located on the outskirts of Beaune, France (Burgundy region) the Tonnelleries produce wine barrels of superior quality. They maintain control over the forest origin of the wood, manage their own stave mill, air-dry the staves for a minimum of 24 months, and implement strict quality-control measures. The fine grain and mellow toast of the barrels complements the Petite Sirah with vanilla and spice, while allowing the fruit core to shine through.

Our long-time family friend Vincent Bouchard of the family Bouchard Pere et Fils in Burgundy represents the Damy and Richelieu cooperages to US winemakers. According to Vincent “The Richelieu barrel is hand-crafted using a unique, proprietary blend of oak from small micro-climates within three of the finest forests in France, all sourced from independent family suppliers with trusted, long-established relationships. One forest contributes a noted minerality, another imparts structure, texture and spice, while the third brings softness, freshness and elegance”.

The Garonnaise barrel “is designed to enhance the density of your wines and concentrate their aromas, limiting redox potential for a richer sensory experience”.